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Savings Goals Calculator

Whether you are saving money for a computer, car, vacation, or down payment on a house, this calculator will determine how much you need to put aside over time.

Savings goals calculator

How much should I save to reach my financial goal?

Our savings goals calculator can help you save for the next important purchase.

Savings goals calculator

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Let’s talk about your savings.

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Please enter only numbers.
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Let’s assume returns.

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The results are hypothetical based on your input. Your results will vary. Any rates used are for illustrative purposes only and does not represent performance of any actual financial vehicle/strategies. 

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Emergency savings first.

Before aspirational purchases, your savings plan should prioritize an emergency fund to protect against job losses or other surprise costs. A good rule of thumb: you should have 3 to 6 months of living expenses in cash.

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Tips for increasing your savings.


Make your savings target automatic.

You'll never forget to contribute to your savings if you setup regular automatic payments.


Save your windfalls.

If you receive a surprise lump of cash, commit to saving half of it.

More information and resources.

We have the tools and products you need to help you plan your financial future.

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Grow your assets

Whether it's saving for retirement, a new home, or any other goals, you'll need a strategy.


4 tips for stronger finances

Annual financial strategy tips from our head of Consumer Education.

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Guaranteeing financial futures

Life insurance can protect children from financial hurdles in college.

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